Getting There
Despite being located way down south in the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot, Puglia is very well connected. Below are some of the different ways to get to the region.

By Air
There are two international airports in Puglia at Bari and Brindisi. Both are within an easy drive of the masseria.

By Road
If you are travelling from the north of Italy you can take the A14 motorway linking Milan to Bari. If travelling from further south, take the A16 which connects Rome to Bari.

By Rail
There is a good rail connection from most Italian towns to Puglia. From the north there is the Milano-Bologna-Ancona-Pescara-Bari line. From Rome, the Roma-Caserta-Benevento-Bari line. Check connections, times and distances on

By Sea
Puglia’s three main ports are at Bari, Brindisi and Taranto (mainly a commercial port). BARI ferries go to Corfu, Dubrovnik(Croatia), Igoumenitsa, Kotor (Montenegro) Patras. BRINDISI ferries go to Corfu and Paxi.

Area Map
Located 1 hour from
Brindisi Airport
Brindisi Airport:
75 km / 46 miles / 1 hr
Bari Airport:
195 km / 121 miles / 2 hr
Nearest shops at Carpignano Salentino:
5 km / 3 miles
Nearest restaurants at Martano:
8 km / 4 miles
Nearest beaches:
6 km / 3.5 miles
25 km / 15 miles / 25 mins
15 km / 9 miles / 15 mins
50 km / 31 miles / 40 mins